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05/06-03   -   Pressemeldinger

Mimer SQL first with full database access from Mobile Phones

Upright Database Technology AB, Uppsala, Sweden, today announced the immediate availability of a Mimer SQL client module for full database access from consumer and embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, TV set-top boxes, in-vehicle telematics systems and embedded devices. The Mimer SQL Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) client software is available for free download from the Mimer SQL product web site. With the release of the Mimer SQL J2ME client, Upright becomes the first vendor to provide a full-function database client for the J2ME platform.
By adding the support also for the Micro Edition of the Java 2 platform (J2ME), Mimer SQL now offers database connectivity from a unique range of devices like web browsers, PDAs and mobile phones through a standardized Java environment. The seamless integration between the Mimer SQL J2ME client and the database server makes it possible to utilize the full DBMS performance and capability of a Mimer SQL database server from a mobile client. Examples of such capabilities are support for complex objects like pictures and sound, multi-lingual character sets and secure transactions.
Applications accessing a Mimer SQL database from a consumer or embedded device may use both local communication methods like wireless networks (WLAN), infrared connection (IrDA) and Bluetooth, and the mobile phone networks GSM, GPRS, and 3G.
The Mimer SQL J2ME client supports both the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) for devices with intermittent network connection, slower processors and limited memory – e.g. mobile phones and low-end PDAs, and the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) for devices with better networking capabilities, faster processors and more memory – e.g. TV set-top boxes, residential gateways and high-end PDAs.
- By providing the small footprint Mimer SQL J2ME database access module, we can offer our customers efficient access to their Mimer SQL databases from any mobile device from anywhere using any communication method, says Stefan Eck, Product Manager, Upright Database Technology. – And by providing only standard application interfaces, our users will get a truly open solution, avoiding any dependencies to a specific vendor’s proprietary solutions, concludes Stefan Eck.
The Mimer SQL J2ME client software is available for free download from the Mimer SQL product web site http://www.mimer.com
For more information, please contact
Stefan Eck, Product Manager, Upright Database Technology AB
Phone: +46 (0)18-780 92 21, Mobile: +46 (0)730-299 321
E-mail: stefan.eck@upright.se, Web: http://www.mimer.com
About J2ME
The J2ME architecture defines configurations, profiles and optional packages as elements for building complete Java runtime environments that meet the requirements for a broad range of devices and target markets. Each combination is optimized for the memory, processing power, and I/O capabilities of a related category of devices. The result is a common Java platform that fully leverages each type of device to deliver a rich user experience.
For more information about J2ME, please see http://java.sun.com/j2me/
About Upright Database Technology
From its headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, Upright Database Technology is developing world-class DBMS software products. The Mimer SQL product family consists of three DBMS products: Mimer SQL Engine – to build-in in standard applications, Mimer SQL Mobile – solutions for mobile devices, Mimer SQL Embedded – for tailor-made solutions. Common to all members of the Mimer SQL family is their ease-of-use and zero maintenance. They are also scalable, reliable and have a small footprint.
Upright Database Technology AB hosted the ISO SQL WG3 meeting in Stockholm in June 2003.
The company is part of the Upright Group.



Upright Database Technology AB
PO Box 1713
SE - 751 47 SE - 751 47 UPPSALA, Norge

  +46 - (0)18 780 92 21


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