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15/02-05   -   Pressmeddelande

Allied Telesyn Recommends High Fibre Diet for Europeans

European Business Development Director Champions The Deployment Of Fibre In Europe

Allied Telesyn, the end-to-end networking solutions vender, today announced that its European Business Development Director, Rami Houbby, Chairman of the Market Development Committee of the Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) Council Europe is championing the deployment of fibre in Europe, following the recent alarming Yankee Group report stating that mass-market fibre adoption in Europe remains distant.

In January, Houbby presented to over 500 of Europe´s major operators and service providers at TVoDSL 2005 on the delivery of Triple Play services over DSL and FTTH networks. More recently he advocated the deployment of fibre at the "Europe at the Speed of Light" conference, moderating a panel discussing existing deployments and forecasts for the future of the FTTH market in Europe.

"Allied Telesyn is involved in providing interactive high-bandwidth Triple Play services over fibre and copper access infrastructures, giving operators full flexibility," commented Houbby. "Europe is behind the rest of the world in its deployment of fibre, so it is extremely important for us to educate industry stakeholders about the business and economical benefits."

For further information on the FTTH Council Europe or Europe at the Speed of Light, please visit: www.europeftthcouncil.com

For further information on TVoDSL, please visit: www.upperside.fr/tvodsl2005/tvodsl2005intro.htm

About Allied Telesyn
Allied Telesyn International is a member of the Allied Telesis Group (ATI) who, founded in 1987, now has offices throughout the globe, over 3,000 employees worldwide and over $600M of worldwide annual revenue. The attributes which have led ATI to achieve its leading position in both the enterprise, operator and connectivity business segments can be summarised by four key elements: its business focus on networking technology for professional markets, where ATI has proved to be the only company capable of providing a total end-to-end solution at a high price/performance ratio; the ability to handle every aspect of its own products from design to marketing; the development of components and solutions which accommodate flexible, efficient and reliable network construction; support from sound warranty terms and quality services. Allied Telesyn connects the IP world efficiently thanks to affordable and highly reliable network solutions.



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