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15/03-05   -   Pressmeddelande

Allied Telesyn Switches to the Future with Gigabit Ethernet

End-To-End Networking Solutions Vender Launches Series Of Managed Layer 2 and 3 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Allied Telesyn, a global provider of end-to-end Ethernet/IP solutions, has announced the availability of a variety of new managed switches offering improved network flexibility and responsiveness. The layer 2 and 3 switches offer reliable, cost-effective gigabit connectivity to the desktop. Among the products now shipping are the AT-9400 series Layer 2+ managed gigabit Ethernet switch and AT-9700 series layer 3 stackable gigabit Ethernet switches.

The AT-9400 series, although applicable to any fast-paced enterprise organisation wanting a secure LAN solution, is particularly relevant for leased offices, Government offices, financial or education institutions where there are a number of unsecured areas such a visitors´ meeting rooms or lounges.

The AT-9400 features a highly integrated chipset capable of deep packet examination of content throughout Layers 2-4. This is backed up by Allied Telesyn´s advanced security infrastructure including access control lists, DoS protection, IEEE 802.1x and individual port security.

The AT-9700 series, currently available in both 24 and 48 port variations, is designed to meet the advanced multimedia requirements of modern switches and bring traffic control and high performance to the edge of the network.

A rich feature set of features is included on the AT-9700 series to provide full support for multimedia layer 3 applications. All switches additionally include layer 3 IP static routing, RIP, RIPv2, IGMPv2 and OSPFv2 routing protocols.

"How business use their networks has progressed markedly in the past couple of years with the increased use of network sapping multimedia and video applications," commented Allied Telesyn´s International Marketing Director, James White. "Our managed gigabit Ethernet switches are designed to be a cost effective solution for today´s market with the ability to expand as network demands grow - at no extra cost."

About Allied Telesyn
Allied Telesyn International is a member of the Allied Telesis Group (ATI) who, founded in 1987, now has offices throughout the globe, over 3,000 employees worldwide and over $600M of worldwide annual revenue. The attributes which have led ATI to achieve its leading position in both the enterprise, operator and connectivity business segments can be summarised by four key elements: its business focus on networking technology for professional markets, where ATI has proved to be the only company capable of providing a total end-to-end solution at a high price/performance ratio; the ability to handle every aspect of its own products from design to marketing; the development of components and solutions which accommodate flexible, efficient and reliable network construction; support from sound warranty terms and quality services. Allied Telesyn connects the IP world efficiently thanks to affordable and highly reliable network solutions. For more information see: www.alliedtelesyneurope.com.

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