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20/02-23   -   Pressemeddelelse

Lundsby is entering the Swedish market with a major biogas project in collaboration with Gasum

Lundsby’s first EPC project in Sweden will be the Gasum greenfield biogas plant in Götene. At the end of January 2023 Gasum received the final authorization to kickstart the construction works.

Lundsby Renewable Solutions has now started the construction works of the Götene biogas plant in Sweden. The process of designing the plant has been on-going for the past 1½ years in a close collaboration with Gasum. Lundsby is the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) turnkey supplier of the project. The plant is designed to handle around 400,000 tons of biomass per year, corresponding to 120-gigawatt hours (GWh) worth of liquefied biogas (LBG). The Götene plant is designed to handle organic biomass which will primarily be liquid manure and deep litter from the local farms. The commissioning of the biogas plant is targeted for the beginning of 2025.

"We are pleased to announce that we are the EPC turnkey supplier of the biogas plant in Götene. We have worked intensely to develop the best and most efficient biogas plant for Gasum. It is now become real and we expect to be able to commission the biogas plant at the beginning of 2025" says Gert Rosenqvist, CTO, Lundsby.

The green profile
Biogas is a sustainable and CO2-neutral energy source created by natural processes in a closed environment, the biogas plant. Within the biogas plant biowaste is utilized and converted into biogas, i.e. methane that then is converted into liquified biogas (LBG). Regarding transportation costs and sustainability LBG is the ideal energy source and can directly be used to fuel heavy transport vehicles as well as ships etc. The post-treated biowaste, now free from further methane pollution to the environment, has the advantage to optimize the usage for farmers on the field’s by returning nutrients and thus reducing the needs for artificial fertilizers and, at the same time, also less leaching of nitrogen into the aquatic environment.

A step towards the green ambitions
Lundsby has taken the decision to join forces with companies that share our ambition to work on the green transformation. The Götene project is one step forward in our green vision, and we are working on several green projects across Europe. It is important for Lundsby to contribute positively to the green transition in supplying efficient biogas plants that make the best possible utilization of the energy potential of livestock and biowastes. Thus, we are proudly announcing our collaboration with Gasum on the construction of the biogas plant in Götene.

"The construction of the Götene plant is a part of our green growth strategy. The interest in biogas has intensified in recent years and for very good reasons. More than ever, the focus is on green solutions combined with a safe and decentralized energy supply. The solution to this is partly coming from biogas. We want to contribute to the green transition with our biogas plants targeting Europe", says Niels Pedersen CEO, Lundsby Renewable Solutions.

Read more about Lundsby Renewable Solutions and press release from Gasum

Lundsby Renewable Solutions is one of Denmark's largest and most experienced biogas developers. We help our customers convert thousands of tonnes of biomass into green CO2-neutral energy. Our goal is to contribute to the green transition and convert biomass into sustainable energy. We help visionary companies, organizations, and communities to make the dream of a safe and green energy a reality. The head office of Lundsby Renewable Solutions A/S is in Denmark and has established a subsidiary company in Sweden, Lundsby Renewable Solutions AB. Our aim is to be close to our customers to achieve the greatest possible synergies. See www.lundsby.dk

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