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06/11-20   -   Pressemeddelelse

“Mixtape_01”: Heartache, beats and synths

The Danish electronica artist Lia B. releases her debut EP called ”Mixtape_01”. “Mixtape_01” is a journey of broken hearts, synths and unique, experimental sounds.

On the EP ”Mixtape_01” Lia B. tells the stories of heartache that we have all experienced. She does it in a direct and honest way accompanied by vibrant synths and vibey soundscapes - mending both new and old love wounds. The artistic expression is lo-fi and has a playfulness to it. Lia B. has obviously been exploring and experimenting a lot on this release, which shows in the vast amount of sonic details and foley sounds used. Lia’s voice is breathy and has a very direct character, drawing clear lines to her idols from Portishead and Under Byen.

She sings of subjects such as love, despair and bitterness. About the focus track “Unmistakable” Lia B. says: “The song revolves around an ex who wont stop reaching out. Making it even more difficult for you to let them go – and instead you just keep wishing that they would come back to you”. The theme of unrequited and troubled love continues throughout the whole EP. “This Body” deals with the bitterness of moving on, “How Your Face Looks” with the scars from a relationship that’s lost and last but not least “Call Me by Your Name” is about the craving of an impossible love. Lia B. explains about the EP’s dark theme: “I guess I’m a sucker for the complicated or tragic love stories. There is something cleansing for the soul in telling and listening to that kind of story. I’ll definitely agree with Tolstoy on the notion that all happiness is alike, but every tragedy is unique. He must pardon me for rephrasing his lines”.

Lia B. is a LGBTQ+ artist from Denmark and is signed to the danish indie label Liability Records based in Odense, DK. During 2020 Lia B. has released three singles and now her first EP called "Mixtape_01" is here, revealing her forth song ”Unmistakable”. Be sure to give this EP a spin, because it will unmistakably help mend both your old and new love wounds.

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