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30/11-12   -   Pressemeddelelse

Karma Kaliph - Hollow

The Danish artist, Karma Kaliph, takes the music and lyrics to depths that seldom are heard in music today. Together with his old friends Frank Hansen (drums) and Chris Kjaer (bass), they have created a unique sound and expression.
"Hollow" is recorded and mixed at NONAME studios, and produced by Chris Kjaer.

"My music is the way I express my inner self, my thoughts and my demons
It's a kind of self therapy...
Through the hardest times of my life, it's through my songs I've learned to live with the ups and downs...
That's why my upcoming Album is named "MUSIC SAVES MY SOUL" <3 <3 <3"

On the first single/video, "HOLLOW", the Karma Kaliph reflects on the REALITY TV-AGE and the emptiness of
being seen, just for the purpuse of being seen...
A kind of ANTI-Anthem for the REALITY TV-AGE and the shallowness in that kind of media!!!

"I'm very excited that my Daughter is acting in the video, she did an incredible job, and I'm so proud of her. But still as a Dad I have my concerns for a young girl in that age, who wants to be in Acting/Modelling, where everyone wants a piece of you, and the only way you can break through that business is to expose yourself to the extreme."

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