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When you send your press releases, journalists, media and bloggers who write about your area will receive it.
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With a unique pressroom, you collect all your online communication. News, pictures, videos, etc.


Let us help you write your press release, texts for your website, newsletters, translations or teach you how to do it.

Writing of press releases
We have many years of experience in writing press releases, which work. This is why many of our customers want us to write press releases for them; let us help you also.
Quality assurance of press releases
Many of our customers write their own press releases, but are using our expertise to quality assure the texts, for them to have an even greater chance of media mention.
Professional translations
Have your press releases, newsletters, website and other sales messages translated by the best professional mother tongue translators.
Press campaign
All press campaigns are carefully targeted to the journalists and media that write about your industry.
Web monitoring
MyPressWire´s web monitoring keeps you constantly updated. We monitor all types of media on the Internet both at home and abroad, and you will be notified every time you or your company receives press coverage.
Media monitoring
Monitoring the media coverage of your company can be an effective way of following the results of your PR campaigns and a number of other situations.

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