About MyPressWire

We love PR, and we believe that we can help you make a difference to your business in the way you communicate.

With MyPressWire as a PR platform you disseminate and tell your good stories, and we bring together not only your news, but all of your on line communications in your own unique on line social press room.

Our mission is to improve and disseminate all types of press and business information and make it available to all, on all available platforms. We work on the basis of the strategy that when one meets the journalists' need for relevant and reliable information, one also meets the needs of the communicators.

Let us help you
when your business wants to contact media, target groups and customers, MyPressWire is the solution. We have the most complete databases of media and journalists, who on a daily basis receive a flow of targeted news from us. Much of the news we send out, become front-page stories, articles in relevant trade journals in on line media or from news on radio and TV. It is good for our customers in the form of positive publicity and more revenue - and we would also like to help you. The media image has changed a lot in the last few years, and it has done so by a multi-faceted discipline and means that, in order to achieve a high coverage of its news one is obliged to turn to the media in new ways. As a customer of MyPressWire you will therefore experience that we think multimedia in our PR-courses, as well as in our advice and in the practical work - and that our press systems are not limited to the traditional media.

For example, MyPressWire developed a number of tools to integrate news with social media, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn" Youtube, blogs, RSS feeds, and many others. With MyPressWire you reach both the traditional media and social media, and we also like to advise on how you get started using blogs and other social media in your marketing and PR.

From press release to communications strategy
MyPressWire works at several levels. Frequently MyPressWires' databases are used by the communications trade and by marketing departments, where having access to MyPressWires' platform you can handle your broadcasts via our on line solutions. We offer surveillance of the media, distribution of press releases at home and abroad, establishment and maintenance of custom media lists, etc. - and all this can be done from our platform.

For other customers we take care of more practical issues. Our journalists and PR advisers help writing press releases and blog posts and create visibility in social media.

We have concluded a close cooperation with a small group of customers. Here MyPressWire has become their outsourced communications department. In this type of cooperation, we create a communications strategy, where specific objectives are defined, and over time in cooperation we will build our customer's brand with the help of the entire MyPressWires palette of experience and tools.

Your message across borders
MyPressWire is present in several countries. This means that we in a few hours can write, translate and send news to many countries for all types of media, with the most accurate surveillance. We also offer the more traditional communications services: We produce all types of texts, magazines, we arrange press briefings and provide ideas for communications strategies.

In addition, we are specialists in writing selling texts so that your press releases for many years in the future will be an available source and send visitors to your website.

MyPressWire is an open company, and we are committed to be there for you - whatever the task size. Contact us and learn more about how we can boost your business in the Media, on the web or abroad.