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Greenland Airports enjoy increased media coverage

Greenland Airports operate 13 airports and more than 40 helicopter landing sites throughout Greenland. They also run hotels, service businesses for mining and oil companies, duty-free trade and many other activities. They employ approximately 450 employees and their economic turnover is close to half a billion kroner.

How to newsjack your way to the media

Newsjacking is about gaining a share of the attention that the media give to an area that is located within or adjacent to your sphere of interest. We are talking about simple theft, but fully legal to search into the slipstream and to focus on your business, which, if youre lucky, will be blown up on the big screen.

How to write the perfect press release

Press releases are the fastest, cheapest and most immediate way for a company to get in contact with the general public - i.e. with the press, customers, and the entire companys internal and external networks. But how do you write a powerful press release? Here are some very basic guidelines:
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