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All transactions made "‹"‹through this website are between you , the customer and MyPressWire ApS, CVR no. 27919332, called MyPressWire.

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Order confirmation
All orders are confirmed automatically (by email), and within a maximum duration of 12 hours you will be receiving alerts by e-mail if there are any problems with the delivery during weekdays.

You can order your services and products online and pay via credit card or via payment in advance. All freight charges are calculated excl. VAT. If you pay by credit card, the amount will be debited from your card and the product is shipped directly with approved benefits schemes.

Credit Card
The cardholder can pay with the following credit cards: VISA credit, VISADebit, VISA Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Direct, JCB, Maestro, American Express and Diners Club.

Credit Card Safety
MyPressWire use a payment gateway from Stripe. We have taken great care to provide a safe solution to our customers and assuance that we do not store sensitive information on our own server. All credit card information is entered in a secure environment (SSL) and sent in encrypted form to the Stripe. When you pay for an order by credit card, MyPressWire gets right to withdraw funds as we ship your order or have performed the services ordered.

When issuing press releases via e-mail, it is not possible for MyPressWire to guarantee 100 per cent of supply. Spam and virus filters may result in delay for example due to one reason or another blocking your broadcast or crashes on remote servers etc. may occur , which is out of control of MyPressWires.

You have 14 days of duration to cancel an order. You can cancel your purchase till press release was sent out to public. If you want to cancel the broadcast you can directly cancel your payment.
Physical goods must be returned in original packaging, with all transaction details. protective packaging must not be broken. The cost of return shipments of this type should be held by the customer.

we reserve the right to settle a claim by paying its price. The cost of return shipments of this type is held by appointment of MyPressWire.
A 2-year warranty is provided against manufacturing defects on all products. MyPressWire provides exchange of defective goods only , but any errors or omissions on delivery from MyPressWire will be responsible only within a reasonable time after you have discovered them. It is your duty to set and upon request, show how the error manifest. If you find an error, you must quickly contact MyPressWire. Visible damage to physical packages must be immediately noticed before receiving them, and the extent of the damage and prejudice incurred shipping documents should be presented with the tender signature.

Information you provide us
We receive and store any information you enter on our website or otherwise. We use the information you provide, inter alia, to respond to your requests, customizing future visits to the site to fulfill your needs as well as on the whole to improve our communication with you.

Automatic Information
The information we collect and analyze includes your IP address, login, email address, password, computer and connection information - such as browser type and version, operating system and platform, purchase history, URLs to and from our website including date and time, cookie number and products you viewed or searched for.

Your account
MyPressWire need a minimum of information to provide services or send goods to you. With an account you get access to discounts, newsletters and likely benefits. You can always add, edit and delete information on the "login" page. MyPressWire and affiliates reserve the right to abuse by the refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content and cancel orders without notice.

General Information
When MyPressWire issues press releases via its platform, MyPressWire acts as only a distributor and can not guarantee that the news or press release is infringed illegally from one of the news media,or sent to it. Similarly, MyPressWire is not held responsible for the content of press releases being edited or not edited by another party or published by third parties. Even when MyPressWire links to third party sites indulged in MyPressWire, it cannot have control of these sites and therefore can not be held responsible for their content.

Use of MyPressWire
All press releases issued by MyPressWire, must be relevant to the recipients. MyPressWire reserves the right to modify or delete press releases. MyPressWire has right to question you if it find that the content is irrelevant, illegal or otherwise violating the guidelines, that media generally bounds upon . It is your responsibility to select the recipients, for whom your message is relevant, and you are also required to completely remove recipients from your lists, if the recipients do not wish to receive your press releases.

Broadcast Times
You can send out press releases around the specified time. MyPressWire should receive the press release one day prior to the broadcast and delays are not suggested.

Product Descriptions
MyPressWire and associates moduled to be as accurate as possible. But MyPressWire can not guarantee that product descriptions or other content of this website is complete, reliable, current, or error-free.

We reserve the right - at any time - to change our website, policies and guidelines listed above.