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21/08-12   -   Press releases

Spitfire - a new masculine luxury fridge

The new extravagant Spitfire is a unique world sensation, where masculine qualities are in focus. It represents the supremacy of retro refrigerators.

The fridge has a rustic but exclusive design with dented and riveted aluminium plates that, in an intelligent way,
can remind you of old fighter and bomber aircrafts.

The Spitfire cabinet is handmade and thereby the best choice for you, who has always wanted a personal design element. No two cabinets are 100 % identical.

The Spitfire has been inspired by World War II, where the interaction between rounded shapes and riveted aluminium throws you back to the 1940s and recreates the feeling of fighter pilots of that time.

Witt UK & Ireland Ltd. wants to keep quality, luxury and unique design elements in focus, and the Spitfire fridge therefore fits perfectly into the Witt mission of meeting consumer needs for design and trends

· Dented and riveted aluminum sheets as the old fighter and bomber planes
· Quality leather handle
· Solid construction and powerful design
· Dimension of large cabinet: H214,1 x W77 x D59,8 cm
· Dimension of small cabinet: H158,8 x W77 x D59,8 cm

Retail prices from £2199 (small cabinet) and £2699 (large cabinet).

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