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27/07-04   -   Press releases

Vari-Stem Blasting plugs reduce fly rock, air blast, noise, dust, secondary breakage, and downstream

VARI-STEM blast improvement and blast containment plugs are used in vertical and horizontal drill holes for Construction, Demolition, Mining and Quarry blasting applications. They work by creating a blocking effect within the drill hole by wedging the stemming material between the drill hole wall and the plug. Upon detonation of the explosives, the plug is forced upward into the stemming material and locks up. When the plug “locks up", the explosive gases and energy are prevented from traveling (venting) up through the drill hole and stemming material, and instead are contained within the rock mass for milliseconds (ms) longer than non-plugged blasts.

They reduce fly rock, air blast, noise, dust, secondary breakage and downstream costs. They improve rock fragmentation and cap rock breakage. They increase primary crusher output and overall productivity. Field-tested, quick and easy to install, and cost effective.

Product Testimonials and Field-Studies viewable and downloadable from our web site.
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GEAR-UP for Improved Blast Performance, Safety and Savings. Use VARI-STEM, the plugs with the Patented GEAR Design.

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