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13/04-05   -   Press releases

Ethernet Over The Mains Sets The Network Free

Ethernet Homeplug provides network access anywhere without extra cabling

Magenta Solutions, the online networking and security equipment retailer, launches Homeplug, the device that provides computer network access to any area of the office or home without having to install additional cabling. The Ethernet Homeplug is cost effective, simple to use and allows complete network access to the office or home by diverting network traffic through the mains power supply.

The product is independent of any operating system and therefore ideal for the small office/home office (SOHO) as well as for Playstation and X-Box users. Available from, Homeplug pricing starts from 28.19 GBP.

Rory Fidler, director at Magenta Solutions, said: ‘This product is so useful for SOHO users and home users who don´t want to install impractical or messy extra cabling but need to be versatile about positioning their workstations. Users can have computer network access anywhere that there´s a normal household mains socket.’

Ethernet Homeplug is simple to use. At one end, it´s connected to a networking device - either a hub, switch, cable modem, ADSL or SDSL router - by a standard ethernet cable and is then plugged straight into a normal household mains socket. At the other end, the Ethernet Homeplug is plugged into another wall socket and connected to the ethernet port of a PC, Mac or gaming console.

The system is very reliable and network security is maintained over the power supply as traffic is encrypted before transmission to ensure privacy. Homeplug is V1 compliant, which means that it meets the HomePlug specification ensuring interoperability with other compliant devices.

In addition to the Ethernet Homeplug adaptor, a wireless access point version is also available providing wireless network access from a convenient location within the building. Pricing for the
wireless access point version starts from 82.84 GBP.

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