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20/04-05   -   Press releases

NOCHEX Launches Online Classifieds and Becomes David to eBays Goliath

NOCHEX (, the Leeds-based online payment provider, announces the launch of its classified ads site ( which looks set to give eBay a run for its money. Taking its lead from eBay´s popular ´Buy it Now´ feature, NOCHEX Classifieds allows sellers to sell items at a fixed price and low fee.

In a special introductory offer, listing goods on NOCHEX Classifieds is free until the end of April and will subsequently cost a mere 20p per item. Sellers simply need to sign up for an account with NOCHEX Classifieds and can then post their goods for sale.

Those who wish to sell multiple items can set up their own classified online store with its own individual branding and URL. There’s no charge for setting up the shop and NOCHEX Classified’s listing fee of just 20p per item applies (free in April 2005), making this significantly lower cost than the equivalent eBay shop.

Buyers don´t have to be NOCHEX Classifieds members to make a purchase and there´s no need to bid or wait until an auction ends: if they see an item they like, they can scoop it straight away.

Asif Malik (Classifieds Marketing manager) at NOCHEX, comments: ‘Our classified ad system offers a simpler, low cost alternative to eBay. We have a captive audience of buyers and sellers who are sick of the high fees force-fed to them by the eBay power machine. The online market always thrives on competition and we hope to see a real David and Goliath situation.’


About NOCHEX NOCHEX was established in 1999 and launched in early 2001, specifically to serve the UK market with a secure online payment system. Based in Leeds, the company currently has 750,000 members and 15 employees.

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