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16/05-05   -   Press releases

The Test Agency Launches Leadership Judgement Indicator Tool for HR Professionals

The Test Agency Ltd, a subsidiary of the Hogrefe group and one of the UK’s leading publishers of psychometric tests for the HR industry, announces the launch of its new leadership tool - the ‘Leadership Judgement Indicator’ (LJI) - which goes much further than traditional tests in evaluating this vital skill set.

According to the Training and Development Survey (2005) from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 65% of respondents believe UK plc has a shortage of leaders, while over a third of respondents believe their leadership development activities are ineffective. Finding people with the potential for high quality leadership and helping them realise that potential are key concerns in today’s business world.

While traditional ‘personality tests’ are frequently used to describe and assess leadership style, they do not directly predict the accuracy of leadership judgement. Moreover, they focus on ‘preferred’ style; i.e. the way a person behaves most of the time. Ultimately, effectiveness in leadership situations does not depend on how the person prefers to behave: it involves the ability to discern the most appropriate strategy for dealing with a given situation and, if necessary, moving from the preferred behaviour style to the most appropriate one to tackle it. The LJI directly assesses both the accuracy of leadership decision making and the degree to which a leader’s preference for one decision making strategy over others impacts his/her ability to adapt his/her behaviour to suit any challenge.

Designed by Formula 4 Leadership Ltd, a centre of industry excellence, the LJI gives specific feedback on an individual’s ability to judge what type of leadership behaviour is most likely to be successful in given sets of circumstances. The LJI is based on Formula 4’s extensive research and work in the field over the past ten years. Underpinning the tool is a set of principles that clarify how good leadership decisions are made. These are revealed in a development programme which people learn as part of training in the LJI, and which has a proven track record.

Wendy Lord, chief psychologist at The Test Agency, comments: ‘We already have a reputation for publishing contemporary tests that add real value to the work of HR professionals and help them meet some of the challenges they face on a daily basis. The publication of the new LJI supports our growing portfolio of products in this sector.’

The LJI will feature at the BPS Test Users Conference which takes place on 25 and 26 May at The Moat House Hotel, Peterborough.


About The Test Agency The Test Agency Ltd, based in Oxford, was established in 1972 and incorporated in 1974. It is a subsidiary of the Hogrefe Group which is Europe’s leading publisher of psychometric tests, scientific journals and textbooks. For more than half a century, the Group has stood for rigorous assessment instruments of the highest empirical standards. Catering for the HR needs of public and private sector organisations, The Test Agency has grown to be one of the UK’s best known publishers and distributors of psychometric tests, testing software and training for those who deliver tests. The product range includes aptitude, ability and personality tests that help HR personnel make informed decisions about the recruitment, development and training of employees and managers.

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