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06/10-05   -   Press releases

HarvestINFO and Mondosoft Offer Behaviour Analytic-Enhanced Search for Online Media Industry

New Enterprise Search, Analytics and Site Optimization Tools Tailored for Online Media.

Mondosoft, a pioneer in Behaviour Analytics and Enterprise Search, and HarvestINFO, the leading U.S. provider of online shopping portals for newspapers and local communities, today announced a partnership to supply state-of-the-art intelligent internet portal solutions to HarvestINFO’s hundreds of customers across the U.S.

Integrating Mondosoft’s superior search and extensive analytics with HarvestINFO’s media portal and online shopping solutions will bring unprecedented site search and search analytics functionality to online media customers. The new solution will deliver integrated search results paired with best of breed behavioural analytics across collections of display, special section, insert, and classified advertising, product inventory feeds, as well as news and editorial content.

“The immense amount of data involved in processing advertising content in the online media industry makes intelligent analytics an essential tool for the success of our customers’ shopping channels," commented Scott Bailey, HarvestINFO CEO. “We selected to partner with Mondosoft over companies such as Google, Verity, and FAST because of Mondosoft’s ability to validate and improve the relevancy of search results. Thanks to the Mondosoft search analytics module, BehaviourTracking, site owners can see exactly how site visitors use search and ensure that the returned results match their marketing strategy."

“Our alliance with HarvestINFO is about making web sites, intranets and advertising portals easier to navigate for site users, while providing feedback for improved site quality and efficiency for site owners", said Laust Sondergaard, Mondosoft CEO. “We see a great competitive advantage in partnering with the leader in online advertising & shopping solutions that is already serving the top media companies."

HarvestINFO’s Marketplace Local online shopping solution, now leveraging MondoSearch Enterprise Edition and Mondosoft Behaviour Tracking, allows media customers to leverage existing ad content and inventory feeds, attract new advertisers and measure how much traffic a site generates for each advertiser.

Mondosoft’s experience with more than 1,800 customers shows that linking search analytics with content management increases search effectiveness and improves customer satisfaction over time. Search provides a unique field of interactivity between a web site and its visitors: when web site operators monitor and refine search results, they turn “no results found" into successful marketing campaigns and increased sales.

About Mondosoft
Mondosoft pioneers, licenses and hosts technology for companies who use web sites to improve sales or communications with customers, partners and prospects. The company´s flagship product, MondoSearch™, is an advanced, multi-lingual search engine adopted by 1,800 customers worldwide. BehaviorTracking™ and InformationManager™, provide site managers with the most actionable data analytics available to fine-tune search. Mondosoft was founded in 1998, and has dual headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and Palo Alto, California. Mondosoft customers include Belkin Corporation, Bosch, Coleman, FranklinCovey, Lawson Software, Maersk, Overnight Transportation, Shell Oil, Siemens, The Vatican Holy See and United Technologies. For further information, please visit

About HarvestINFO
Founded in 1996 and located in Mason, Ohio, HarvestINFO is the market leader in providing internet software advertising solutions for the newspaper industry. Today HarvestINFO serves hundreds newspapers worldwide with data services and with Marketplace Local™, the #1 local/regional shopping channel for all advertisement types.
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