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23/01-06   -   Press releases

The next evolution in classified ads websites has arrived.

enpod has today announced the launch of its revolutionary website into the classified ads market.

Over the past few months, several websites have been popping up all with one aim - to try and win a slice of the online auction market from eBay. enpod believe they truly can.

Not satisfied with simply offering the basic functions of bidding, buying, selling and swapping, enpod goes much further by combining mobile architecture into their site. The mobile functions on enpod enable users to not only access the website whilst on the move, but include the ability to pay for their adverts using their mobile phone, as well as upload pictures, audio and videos directly onto the site.

enpod interacts with its members remotely using MMS and SMS protocols. With enpod you can take a picture with your mobile phone and then forward it onto the site to be included in your advert. The days of taking a photo with your digital camera, working out how to download it onto your computer just to upload onto a website are nearing an end. All you need to do now is snap-n-send to enpod using your mobile phone.

Another weapon in enpod’s armoury is that sellers no longer have to use their credit/debit cards to pay for placing their adverts. With enpod they can choose to pay for their ads using MPAY and PAYG;

MPAY – This method bills the seller by deducting the total amount due from their mobile phone in one go;

PAYG – Works in a similar way to the Pay As You Go tariff available for mobile phones. With this method enpod calculates a simple payment term and thus continues to deduct a daily charge from a seller’s mobile phone.

The introduction of the two payment methods means the urge to reach for your credit/debit card to pay for an ad is and will become a thing of the past. This also completely removes the possibility of credit card fraud, a major concern for many internet websites.

In a special introductory offer running until 28th February 2006, registering on enpod entitles you to a £5.00 credit towards the cost of placing your first adverts. Typically a 10 day advert on enpod will cost you 0.50p. A similar ad on eBay will cost you 0.82p, making enpod over 35% cheaper. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time with enpod’s fast and simple advert placing system.

Unlike any other classified ads website, enpod gives you credits every time you advertise. The enpod credit reward scheme allows users to earn credits worth 2.5% of the cost of placing their ad and is available on ALL ads placed on the site. This feature greatly rewards those who place large numbers of adverts or use classified ads websites as their main mechanism for business trading online. But the benefits of using enpod don’t stop there. If you don’t sell your item after its first advert has ended, you can post that same advert again at a reduced rate, with all subsequent postings of that advert being absolutely FREE.

enpod has its own SMS language whereby its registered users can interact with the site whilst on the move. For example, sending the message ENPOD TEST to 88600 will generate a response status of the site.

enpod’s Marketing Manager, Nigel Mihell, says “The site is built to grow with the way people buy and sell items on the internet. Today people want information now, and on the move. Mobile technology is the way forward and we have fully embraced this architecture. Using our MPAY and PAYG method to pay for your ads also minimises fraudulent activities on the internet."

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