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23/01-06   -   Press releases

Strike Back Against the Sock Monster!

The solution to losing socks in the wash is here – and no, it’s not to keep them on. It’s a Norwegian invention: a quick and easy way to clip your socks together.

No more socks lost to the sock monster in the washing machine. The SockClip is a Norwegian invention that guarantees that you’ll never lose another sock in the wash. It’s a smart little plastic gadget that gently clips your socks together before you put them in the machine. The SockClip won’t damage the other clothes in the wash, and can be used over and over.

Many possibilities

The SockClip comes in many different colours, and is so cheap that you can easily get SockClips for all your socks. And each family member can have their own colour, so you no longer have to figure out whose socks are whose. It’s definitely an advantage to use SockClips even before you put the socks in the laundry basket, says the Norwegian Lars-Petter Fylling, who invented the gadget. This lets you keep control of the socks from when you take them off until they’re clean and ready to go back in the drawer. There’s also a sock monster in the laundry basket!

Can only be bought online

This new and practical invention is now available. But the SockClip is not sold in stores. The only way to get yours is to log onto and buy it online – it’s easy and fast! SockClips are shipped all over Europe on the day of purchase.

Scandinavian design – a perfect present

The SockClip is manufactured in 100% recycled plastic in a user-friendly design. Its smart, simple design makes SockClip a perfect family or business gift. If you order a larger batch of SockClips, you can have your company name or logo put on the clips as a fun and unconventional way of creating awareness of your company.

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