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07/03-06   -   Press releases

CeBIT: New GSM and GPS alarm for both private and commercial use

Cubrix has developed a groundbreaking new GSM-based alarm and power control system called System5000 for the consumer market. System5000 is accompanied by the latest 5500GPS.

The new 5500GPS system will be launched at this year’s CeBIT trade fair, on stand D19/1, in HALL 13.

Send 3 SMS messages and System5000 is programmed and ready. System5000 uses your mobile phone as a kind of remote control. Thus you could be in Munich and receive an SMS alarm with a message alerting you about “Low temperature in holiday cottage", and you can then activate the heating system in your holiday cottage in France just by sending an SMS message back – it just couldn’t be easier! System5000 is the 3rd generation of GSM/GPS alarm systems from Cubrix, which over the last 6 years has worked on consumer electronics, alarms and power control systems based on wireless technology.

Indispensable tool
With 5500GPS you can also get an instant fix on the exact position of your boat, for example. It’s a tool that could prove to be indispensable in the event of theft or emergency situations.
System5000 & 5500GPS are based on the latest and most advanced GSM/GPS technology and this, together with Cubrix’ extensive experience of what customers expect from a GSM/GPS system, provides a unique combination. The recommended retail price for a complete set is EUR 300 – this is around half the price of other equivalent systems on the market.

Guards against break-ins
Allan Støberg from Copenhagen, who recently installed System5000 in his holiday cottage, says, “Whenever I go to my holiday cottage I test the system, and in less than 3 seconds I get an SMS message telling me there has been a break-in. At one point the power went in the cottage and a few seconds later I got an SMS message saying there had been a power cut. Other people in the holiday cottage association have seen how well the system works, and we now plan to install the system in our clubhouse as well."

Innovation for the global market
Cubrix has developed a new Internet-based power control system, “GNMS" (Global Net Message System), for System5000 & 5500GPS, which allows control and monitoring of GSM/GPS systems via the Internet.
Cubrix is working to get its Danish GSM/GPS systems onto the European markets – where there is huge sales potential. Claus Stig Christensen from Cubrix explains: “Our new, competitively-priced models using GPS for installation in boats and so on can reveal the boat’s position if it is stolen, and this gives us a unique entry to the international markets."

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