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25/04-06   -   Press releases

Internet success moves head office to United Kingdom

After only 2 months operating in the UK the award winning concept is already a success and will have more than 1000 restaurants online in the next 12 months. connecting Consumers and restaurants with GPRS technology.

Order your Pizza, Indian, Burger, Sandwich or Sushi etc. via the internet instead of the phone – it’s Easier, quicker and gives a great view of what’s available where you live. The concept sounds really simple but the technology behind it is very complex. After 7 years of innovation and ‘know-how’ in Scandinavia the service has arrived in the UK. Just-eat install a box (Just-Connect Box) in the restaurant, when the consumer makes an order to the individual restaurants on the Just-eat website it will instantly send a signal to the box via GPRS and the restaurant will then either say yes, no or change the delivery or takeaway time within 90 sec. The consumer then receives a message on screen and a receipt confirming delivery. The technology behind this is clearly patent pending.

Prize winning concept with over 6 million ordered meals in Scandinavia per year.

With 3 prizes and 4 nominations Just-eat is one of the most respected internet sites in Scandinavia with more than 400,000 users ordering 5 million meals through Just-Eat from around 1,000 different restaurants every year and this is rising every day.

From a basement in Denmark to Head office in Canary Wharf

It all started with 3 young entrepreneurs who worked 80 hours a week and believed in the concept, the road to success was tremendously hard with many barriers. The idea maker and CEO Jesper Buch says “We have changed Scandinavia’s way of ordering fast food and added value to both consumers and restaurants because they don’t have to use the phone and this saves significant amounts of time and money. The most satisfying fact is that we have revolutionized a new and more convenient way of ordering to a whole nation to the benefit of everyone."

6 months ago Just-Eat was partly sold to a new investor and the company’s head-office has been moved to London where the concept is already rolling out as well as plans for penetrating other major European markets.

1000 restaurants connected within 12 months

Just-Eat are penetrating the market really quickly now. With around 100 restaurants per month the concept will be in all London postcodes within 2 months and will be nationwide within the next 12-18 months. Sales Director David Buttress says “There is no other concept or company that can offer the delivered restaurant trade a greater opportunity to access new consumers and grow their business by 15-25% over the coming months and years. Restaurants that are members are guaranteed great service and access to significant added value benefits as well as putting their business at the forefront of the market place in terms of on-line ordering. We deliver this every time to every one of our restaurants and that’s the key to delivering value and our sales philosophy." will have 6000 online restaurants within the next 3-4 Years.


Just-eat was foundet in Denmark in 2001 and is now one of the biggest internet shops in Denmark with a turnover of around 25 mio. pounds and a staff of 25 persons. Just-eat is already open in Iceland and will soon be open in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Holland. has won many E-Commerce prices and the founder Jesper Buch was a candidate for “E of the year" in Denmark in 2006.

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