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27/04-06   -   Press releases

WebProof’s success story

The small but internationally recognized Danish software company WebProof ApS has shown that success and profit are not a question of size but of innovation.

At its annual general meeting on 25 April 2006, WebProof ApS presented its 2005 results, which were audited by KPMG. Despite having only ten members of staff, WebProof showed pre-tax profits of £100,000.

“Having been chairman of the board since the company was established in 2000, I have followed WebProof from its modest beginnings to its current status as an internationally recognized success story. For me there is no doubt that, given the strong international growth and expansion it is now experiencing, we will hear more exciting and positive things about WebProof in the coming years," says chairman of the board Martin von Haller Groenbæk.

WebProof is the name of the internet-based groupware product which the company has developed to automate all forms of document management involving an approval process – typically in the area of graphic production and online approval.

Webproof’s ASP application requires no upfront investment on the part of the customer and offers immediate and tangible savings on money and time. It is used by, among others, Lego, Bang & Olufsen, TDC Yellow Pages, Impress, Fujifilm, Imageco, Enigma, JP Morgan Chase, and for ad production at 69 newspapers and a great number of agencies and printers worldwide. In 2005 there were more than 20,000 users and logins from 43 countries. The unique Compare system – which shows and highlights the changes in two documents automatically and on the fly – has contributed to WebProof’s success.

Globalization and tougher demands for fast graphic production and financial savings have led to significant export growth for WebProof. Currently the company’s main export and expansion activities are on the British market.

In 2005, WebProof signed an OEM agreement with Fujifilm (UK) concerning the worldwide distribution of the WebProof application from the second quarter of 2006. In addition, the company is founding WebProof Inc. in Canada and expanding its dealer network in Germany and the other European markets, so its expectations for 2006 are high. The company’s turnover is expected to rise by around 50%.

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