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03/05-06   -   Press releases

Presenting the new Roundshot Weathercam

Would you like to get a quick overview on the internet of how the weather at a particular location really is? The Roundshot Weathercam is the perfect product for this. It is the first 360° panorama system worldwide combining up-to-date weather data with professional image quality. With one simple click the website visitor gets a full overview: an animated panorama of up to 360° and at the same time current readings of temperature, wind chill, humidity, rain, wind velocity and direction as well as air pressure. Real-time graphics give a lively impression of how the weather has changed over the last 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month or the entire year.

Professional image quality
Different to conventional webcams the Roundshot Livecam allows fantastic image quality with high resolution, seamless panoramas of up to 360°. The rotating panorama gives the website visitor the impression of standing in the midst of the landscape himself. The high resolution invites to explore details in the image. As the panorama continuously rotates the website is always in motion and always new. Contrary to traditional webcams that use low resolution video capture the Roundshot camera is based on digital photo technology. The image is built by a digital scan step by step. This is how panoramas of up to 25 million pixel resolution can be achieved. As a comparison: the Roundshot Weathercam reaches a 20x higher resolution than a very good standard video webcam.

Far reaching functionality
The combination of 360° panorama with actual weather data allows an immediate overview of the weather situation. A further innovation consists in a data base functionality that allows the Weathercam visitor to load the weather for a particular day and time together with the corresponding 360° panorama. Dynamically generated real-time graphics show the evolution of all weather variables and can be changed individually by a simple click. If the website visitor wants to see even more, he can chose a particularly nice panorama in the archive and download it - for example for print – explore details in the current panorama using the zoom function, compose an individual time-lapse movie to see the changing weather or send a panorama with greetings by ecard.

Attractive and intuitive website graphics
The Roundshot Weathercam graphics are easy to understand and invites the website visitor to remain on the website for a long time. The graphical design is attractive and always new – the website visitors come back time and time again. Statistics of already installed Roundshot Livecams and Weathercams show that the Livecam generates significantly more website traffic and increased visitor frequency.

Full system with camera, weather station and webserver
The Roundshot Weathercam is a complete system with camera, weather-proof casing, weather station, connection cables, web server and all programs. It uses a far-reaching software for operation, image control, data base management and web hosting. The system works fully automatically and maintenance is limited. If required image parameters can be individually adjusted, for example, to hide and pixelate private areas in an image for privacy. At the same time, the open architecture of the web server make individual changes of Weathercam websites easy and it can be embedded in existing websites. It can be hosted through a network or – thanks to the built-in web server – directly via internet connection.

Interesting applications
The Weathercam system has some far-reaching applications, especially in tourism (winter/summer), weather stations (meteo), corporate websites (marketing), airports and air fields, cities (marketing), construction sites (to illustrate construction progress in time-lapse mode) and private residences.

The price of the Roundshot Weathercam system is 15,900 Swiss Francs (10’379 Euro). The system includes the high resolution panorama camera, the weather-proof casing, the weather station with weather sensors and console, the connection cables, the web server as well as all software required for operation. The Livecam without weather station costs 13,200 Swiss Francs (8’616 Euro).

Seitz Phototechnik AG has been a market leader for 360° panoramic equipment over the last 50 years and focuses on the high-end professional market. Seitz is development and engineering partner of ALPA of Switzerland, the manufacturer of one of the most recognised medium format cameras in the market. Seitz Phototechnik produces all cameras with most modern CNC machinery and drills every camera case from solid aluminium blocks. 8 employees currently work in production centres in Switzerland and in the Slovak Republic.

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