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20/07-06   -   Press releases

Visual Paradigm Suite 2.3 released - Support for SysML / Improved Interoperability

Visual Paradigm International based in Hong Kong and BCS – Dr. Juergen Pitschke announced the release of Visual Paradigm Suite 2.3 the full featured case tool.

The new version includes the Requirement Diagram as new model type now. The Requirement Diagram is conform to the SysML specification by the OMG. The new diagram type is added to the UML diagrams and diagrams for textual analysis or business modelling already available in Visual Paradigm. This way you have full support for the entire software development cycle within the application.

The improved interoperability with other systems is an essential new feature.
Visual Paradigm introduced the import and export of modelling projects to and from open XML format. Users and technology providers can thus integrate Visual Paradigm models into their solutions with minimal effort.

The new component Project Publisher allows customers to publish models and projects on a intranet or internet web site. The project result can easily be shared within the entire organization without the need to install the application on every PC.

Further new features and improvements can be found in all modules.

Visual Paradigm Suite combines UML 2 conformity with support for important techniques like textual analysis, CRC modelling or modelling relational databases with ER Diagrams. Visual Paradigm runs un Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac. It is integrated in leading IDEs as Eclipse, Visual Studio .NET, JBuilder and many others.

Visual Paradigm International is a leading provider of software solutions that enable organizations to develop quality applications faster, better and cheaper. Visual Paradigm is headquartered in Hong Kong.
More information about Visual Paradigm International can be found at

BCS – Dr. Juergen Pitschke is an European software house. BCS is partner for all Visual Paradigm solutions in Europe.
BCS understand itself as a full service company offering training, service and support to customers.
More information about BCS can be found at

BCS – Dr. Juergen Pitschke
Dr. Juergen Pitschke

PF 160116, 01287 Dresden
Fon: +49 351 205026 40

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