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14/09-06   -   Press releases

Groundbreaking Access to Technology

NIL Technology to launch stamps with standard nanostructure down to 100 nm at only € 1,950

The fast-growing European nanotechnology company NIL Technology now sets the agenda for a number of high-tech industrial areas by offering nanoimprint lithography (NIL) stamps with standard structures down to 100 nm at only € 1,950. This is a technological revolution which gives a lot of private companies and universities access to a technology which used to be reserved for the largest conglomerates.

NIL Technology works with an exceptional technology for the mass production of structures below 10 nm in size – nanoimprint lithography (NIL). One nanometer is one billionth of a meter, 10-9 m, and equivalent to a human hair split 80,000 times along its length. Today the smallest structures in the latest computer processors are 65 nm. Nanostructures make revolutionary new applications possible in areas such as life-science, sensor technology, batteries, integrated optics, data storage and much more.

NIL is a cheap and efficient technology for the production of small structures on a surface by means of a mechanical print process. Today, this technology has shown that it is possible to produce structures smaller than 10 nm. This is better than all other known technologies for mass production of structures used in e.g. computer processors. This gives NIL the potential of becoming for the nanotechnology what the Gutenberg press was for the printed media. NIL Technology has specialised in the production of stamps, i.e. the moulds, which define the structures of the NIL process.

Qua its key competencies and high quality level, NIL Technology has, over the last six months, received orders for stamps from countries such as: USA, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Denmark.

"By making a stamp with standard structures which are ideal for test, development and education we make it possible to utilise the benefits from producing many identical stamps, and this allows us to provide stamps to the market with standard structures down to as little as 100 nm at a very low price – € 1,950", says managing director of NIL Technology, Theodor Nielsen.

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