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15/09-04   -   Press releases

eRez 3.0 – Next Generation Imaging Server

Let your customers browse and study hi-res product images in detail – from their mobile phones! The new and groundbreaking eRez Imaging Server 3.0 was released on September 1st.
Once again, the Danish software company YaWah is ready to rock the market for online imaging tools. The new eRez 3.0 Imaging Server opens up a whole new world for marketing departments and online businesses.

High-performance search engine
A stunning new feature in the eRez 3.0 is the embedded Java-based, high-performance, full-featured text search engine. The search engine provide the user with functions 100% similar to the functions found in the most popular internet search engines, such as high speed indexing, content search in text documents, sorting of search results by relevance and multi-page result displaying.

Publish to Web
Another example is the new “Publish to Web" function. The function enables quick and easy publishing of images on the Internet – as a single image, a collection of images, a Flash Slideshow or a zoomable and navigable FSI Showcase. In short, a world of opportunities for the marketing department.

Handy features
Another new and trendy feature of the eRez 3.0 is the PDA/Smart Phone interface. Images taking up even gigabytes of server space can be browsed and viewed in detail from anywhere using a mobile phone with a UMTS (3G), GPRS or even a GSM Internet connection.

A quicker workflow
The eRez 3.0 also presents a range of features which enable a quicker workflow. For example, no more cataloging or database updating is needed: eRez 3.0 automatically monitors the shared folders and keeps the database updated when new files are added, updated and deleted. The eRez 3.0 also makes file formatting a thing of the past. A new plug-in facilitates rendering, previewing and zooming into PDF, EPS and Illustrator files as well as handling of a wide range of other file types.

Fits all solutions
Just like the previous versions, the eRez 3.0 can be seamlessly integrated into any web based solution, such as a Content Management or Digital Asset Management System.

Need more information on the eRez 3.0 Imaging Server? Call Kristian Ottosen at +45 7026 2515 or log on to and try the system online – or even better: Download a free trial version. You’ll be amazed!

About eRez Imaging Server 3.0
With the eRez Imaging Server 3.0 sharing, organizing, and creating dynamic images for any use from a browser anywhere and anytime is a breeze. Internet users are able to zoom in and examine image details without any special software needed.

Manually preparing and distributing images for different media, such as the Internet, presentations, and professional printing is a time consuming, error prone, and expensive task. With the eRez Imaging Server you only need to create and maintain a single version of each image. The eRez Imaging Server fully automates the image rendering and distribution and an endless number of variations are automatically derived from a single master image as needed. The concept is known as "Single Source Dynamic Imaging". The eRez Imaging Server 3.0 can be used both as a cost-effective standalone "picture bank" and as an integrated part of a general-purpose digital asset management, or Web-enabled content management system making image sharing and distribution fast, effective and flawless.

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