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15/03-04   -   Press releases

Zoom. Pan. Rotate. YaWhauw!

YaWah has sparked yet another revolution in online imaging. This time by integrating the NeptuneLabs’ FSI Viewer with the company’s own eRez Imaging Server. The result is online pictures like you’ve never seen them before.

3 years ago, the Danish software company YaWah caused a small revolution in cross media publishing. With its eRez Imaging Server the company enabled marketing departments and online businesses all over the world to generate an endless number of pictures from the same master image – in different formats, different qualities and tailor-made for the end-purpose.

Now, YaWah has done it again, this time by teaming up with NeptuneLabs and offering web users the ultimate viewing experience.

Up close with no restraints
By combining the eRez Imaging Server with the Flash-based FSI Viewer, YaWah has created a fascinating and easy to use solution for online viewing of high resolution 2D and 3D images. The solution enables the entire internet audience to navigate freely within the image area by turning, rotating and scaling the image with no restraints.

The unique zoom function makes it possible to get up close and examine even the smallest details in a high-resolution image. A feature which is not only useful to retailers who display products like watches, power tools etc. on the internet, but also to image and printing professionals who perform on-screen quality checks.

Crossed the final frontier
With the combination of the eRez Imaging Server and the FSI Viewer, YaWah has also crossed the final frontier of online imaging: Bandwidth.

The FSI Viewer dynamically loads magnified image details from the eRez Imaging Server which means that displaying high-resolution images does not require a broadband internet connection. Even images taking up hundreds of Mb or more can be examined in detail through a regular dial-up connection.

Fits all
Just like the eRez Imaging Server, the FSI Viewer can be seamlessly integrated into any web based solution, such as a Content Management or Digital Asset Management System. Furthermore the FSI Viewer comes with different options of skin adjustments, so that the look and feel of the viewer can be tailor-made to fit any website or internet shop.

Log on to and try it yourself. You’ll be amazed!

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About NeptuneLabs
NeptuneLabs is the leading provider of Flash-based single source image viewers. Founded in early 2000, NeptuneLabs develops dynamic content generation and visualization software technologies. The founders H.L. Kranzhoff and S. Alberty draw on more than 15 years of software development experience, since 1998 focused on internet application development.

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