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01/08-03   -   Press releases

Efficient Image handling on the web with products from

Studentlitteratur Software has been appointed as Swedish distributor of e-business solution for web and cross-media publishing.
Lund, August 2003. The Danish company has appointed Studentlitteratur Software AB as distributor and partner for the introduction of eRez Imaging Server and ImageExpress for Cumulus . The agreement covers distribution, marketing, sales and support of the company’s products on the Swedish market and means that the products from will be available through a widespread network of resellers and systems integrators.

"Studentlitteratur Software is an essential and well established distributor in Sweden , and an important partner for us", says Kristian Ottosen, CEO of YaWah. "We are very happy that our international business is progressing so well".

Just-in-time imaging
Manually preparing and distributing images for different media (such as web, PowerPoint and professional printing) is a time-consuming and expensive task and often leads to errors caused by misunderstandings or change of plans. Now there is a solution that pleases external partners, makes the company’s products and services more visible and at the same time frees time for other tasks.

Colleagues, clients, partners or the press can quickly retrieve cropped images optimized for the job at hand in various resolutions and formats - no matter what, when and where.

With the eRez Imaging Server you only need to create and maintain a single version of each image. The eRez Imaging Server automatically creates endless number of variations in from the master image as needed.

Zoom-able images on the web
In addition to offering a perfect platform for image catalogs on the internet, eRez also supports zoom-able images on the web. This means that a company can allow visitors on a web site to take a closer look at the products and services being offered.

As the internet becomes a more and more important marketplace, fast loading web pages with professional high quality images becomes more and more important.

The eRez Imaging Server enables users on the internet to zoom in and examine details of high resolution images in a bandwidth efficient manner. Even images taking up hundreds of Megabytes or more can be examined in detail through a regular dial-up connection.

This allows potential customers to examine details such as buttons and seams of clothing, the state of antiques on an auction or details of a complex technical drawing. No Plug-ins or Java applets are needed.

"As a distributor of Canto’s software we meet a growing demand for image management among our customers", says Geir Larsen, CEO of Studentlitteratur Software AB. "The right software not only saves a lot of time within an organization - the ability to share images with partners on the internet also leverages the company’s previous investments in high quality images".

Stand-alone or integrated with Canto Cumulus
The stand-alone version of eRez Imaging Server 2.0 is hosted by a web application server such as Apache Tomcat, Caucho Resin, Macromedia JRun, IBM WebSphere or similar. ImageExpress for Cumulus 2.0 integrates with Cumulus Web Publisher or Cumulus Internet Client, which are used to publish image catalogs on the web.

Price and availability
eRez Imaging Server 2.0 is available in different versions depending on the number of images being used. The price starts at 1198 € and the software runs under Windows, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris and Linux. ImageExpress for Cumulus 2.0 starts at 3361 € and is sold together with Cumulus Web Publisher Pro. To locate the nearest dealer please refer to or telephone 046-31 22 99.

About is a privately held company based in Denmark . is a leading supplier of e-business components for cross-media imaging. Drawing on decades of experience in the imaging software industry, is dedicated to simplify cross media publishing of high quality image content.

About Studentlitteratur Software AB
Studentlitteratur Software AB markets and distributes several of the most popular software packages in the areas of: digital video, web design, graphics, Internet- and network-tools as well as database- and information-management. Studentlitteratur also offers services such as technical support and training for our customers and partners. Studentlitteratur distributes their products through a widespread network of resellers and dealers in Sweden and Finland . The main office is based in Lund.

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