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23/11-06   -   Press releases

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Autumn is a busy time in the garden, with tidying and last minute pruning to be done before the winter frosts set in. All this generates plenty of waste and, to help convert this into useful compost for next year, has added the Earthmaker Composter to their extensive range of composters and womeries.

Earthmaker is the world´s first continuous cycle composter - a revolutionary new bin with a three-layered chamber construction. By eliminating the heavy manual labour traditionally involved in turning and aerating compost it makes it easy for beginners or less able gardeners to make their own compost.

Kitchen and garden waste is placed into the top chamber and, by using the pull out panels between the sections, is allowed to fall into the following sections when ready. After a few weeks (depending on source material and climate), Earthmaker provides an ongoing source of compost..

Available online from or by telephone on 0854 345 0728 at a price of £139

GF-PR 001/ 16 October 2006

NOTES TO EDITORS:- is the UK’s leading website for people with an interest in gardening and seeking to purchase garden hardware. The website receives in excess of 350,000 unique visitors every month. is part of the M8 Group, an independent company based in Livingston, Scotland.

Earthmaker Composter
The composting of garden and kitchen waste at home has become increasingly more common in the UK. The Earthmaker continuous cycle composter was developed in New Zealand and is of a significantly different design to other home compost bins on the UK market. The Earthmaker comes flat packed with full instructions on how to get started. Once built it has a 466 litre capacity and is 75 x 120cm high. The Sustainable Waste Management Team at HDRA in UK has completed a 26-week trial of Earthmaker versus traditional compost bins. Read their Expert Opinion: See for more information.

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