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20/10-06   -   Press releases

EMC chambers from T-Network Ltd.,Hungary

Shielded EMC chambers, shielded anechoic chambers are built in Hungary by T-Network Ltd. using very simple absorbers of electromagnetic waves, like corrugated paper sheets and/or aerated concrete bricks. We can build such chambers from the widely known and available enviroment friendly materials instead of the expensive pyramid urethane foam and/or ferrite tile absorbers.

Presently we investigate the possibility to build an EMC chamber without the use of the costly electromagnetic shielding (Faraday cage) and still meeting the requested conditions.
We are improving the design and technology of eMC chambers and absorbers based on a government/EU aided R&D contract.

The 10 years old T-Network Ltd. is a private SME located in the city of Budapest, Hungary.
The main activity is the implementation of wireless networks.
The EMC chambers and passive RF devices are developed by our R&D team.

Our reference chambers are built for DeTe Immobilien Hungary Rt., National Telecom Authority, MEEI (member of the TÃœV Rheinland Group).
The first chamber was built in 1999.

We offer cost effective solutions! We are looking for partners!

In case you need detailed information please contact us directly.

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T-Network Ltd.
Ungvar utca 64-66.
H-1142 Budapest, England

  +3620 9340051

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