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19/04-07   -   Press releases

Ontolica Search for MOSS 2007: When structure is impossible, superior search is essential

Good search is the key to access information. Ontolica Search for MOSS 2007 is released by Mondosoft next week, on April 26th 2007.

MOSS customers recognize Ontolica Search
Prior to the release Ontolica Search has been tested by a select group of Mondosoft partners with MOSS 2007 customers.
The consensus among them is that there is an acute realization in the corporate world that accessing information is a huge challenge in modern organizations:

“Companies such as law firms and healthcare organizations are good examples of MOSS-customers who need extensive search functionality. They have huge amounts of information to share, and their users access the information every day. That is why they are extremely interested in the features Ontolica Search adds to MOSS 2007," says Arjan Nataraj, Manager of Information Worker Solutions at Tam Tam, an Internet Consultant and Development company, and Mondosoft partner.

Structure is impossible
This obvious challenge in today’s information society is apparent to all participants: how do you structure and give access to information? The answer is: you don’t.
Structuring huge amounts of information logically for easy access is impossible. The solution to access is instead really good search.
The majority of larger companies realize this, and that is why solution providers like Tam Tam are met with great enthusiasm by their MOSS-customers when they suggest solutions to that fundamental flaw in modern communication techniques.
“Ontolica Search is extremely attractive to our MOSS-customers. The cost-benefit balance is sensible, and they immediately recognize the value of functionality such as Content Types, Drill Down, Wildcard and Boolean," says Arjan Nataraj.
He and other MOSS-customers who have tested the beta-version of Ontolica Search simply describe the Ontolica features as “necessary, added functionality".

Microsoft recognition of Ontolica Search
At Microsoft, SharePoint guru Mike Fitzmaurice recently did a webcast recognizing the compatibility and usefulness of Ontolica Search for MOSS 2007.
Mike Fitzmaurice emphasized that replacing the webparts is not a trivial task, so a replacement set from Mondosoft is a good solution
In April 2007, Mondosoft was appointed Microsoft Managed ISV partner in Denmark. Mondosoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the US and Denmark.

Read more about Ontolica Search for MOSS 2007 and for SharePoint 2003:
Lead Developer Lars Fastrup’s popular blog:

Read more about Tam Tam on

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