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30/05-07   -   Press releases

MOSS 2007 with Ontolica Search is a global hit for Microsoft and Mondosoft

Enhanced MOSS search sweeps through the worldwide business community

Ontolica Search for MOSS 2007 was released on April 26th 2007.
Just as feedback from both customers and the IT community had promised prior to the release, the product more or less sells itself.

The demand for Ontolica Search is global and in step with the huge popularity of MOSS 2007.

One of the most active markets is Switzerland, a Big Business country and home to the headquarters of a large number of international organizations.
At Microsoft’s Swiss office, Partner Manager Thoi Tien Dung is thrilled with the synergy of the two products.

“The Swiss are tremendously happy to deploy and adopt MOSS 2007, and with it Ontolica Search", says Thoi Tien Dong, and elaborates:
“We have an excellent product in MOSS 2007, and the Ontolica Search enhancement is the icing on the cake."
“I have no doubt that Ontolica Search is helping Microsoft expand the user acceptance for MOSS 2007 which is crucial to properly establish any product in the market", says Thoi Tien Dung.

Both Mondosoft and Microsoft are pleased with the reception on the Swiss market:
“When the Swiss are enthusiastic about a product, it is generally a sign of long term durability and popularity."
“High quality products which perform well are well received - not because they are an exciting novelty, but because they help bring a company to the forefront of its’ game," explains Thoi Tien Dung.

Search is King
The basis for the huge MOSS/Search success story was succinctly described by leading knowledge management publication, KMWorld, in a Search White Paper published in May 2007:

“Search is now at the heart of every significant business
process. There is no more important technology to your business than search."

About Ontolica Search for MOSS 2007:
Ontolica Search is an add-on to the MOSS search engine. It installs on top of it, and is the only product on the market which is fully integrated into SharePoint.

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