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11/09-07   -   Press releases

Wenger Corp. & GO Tube Drinks

Since 1886 Wenger Corp. continuously surprises the food market with innovative products of highest quality. One of the most outstanding is Wenger’s Mustard which has won more than 50 international awards.

The most recent achievement of this success story is GO (, the first drink in a tube. The idea of GO was born in the year 2004 and currently GO is exported to more than 15 countries. In the year 2006 GO was launched in Canada, Mexico and Israel. The same year Wenger Corp. won the Chamber of Commerce’s Austrian Export Award for outstanding success in exports.

2007 GO is, amongst others countries, introduced to Australia and the US.

The coolish aluminium in combination with the cool shape of the tube is a perfect combination that is the key element for the image of GO: unique, new, cool, stylish, trend-setting, spirited, daring;
At the same time this is the image of the GO community, too. Similar to GO, every member of the GO community has a unique character and at the same time is part of group of like-minded people with similar preferences and desires.

They share one thing: They are daring and adventurous trend-setters, not intimidated by the unknown and attracted by the new.
Since summer 2004 GO is continuously covered by television magazines and print media all around the world. Each of these reports generates priceless publicity. That GO is met by such enormous interest by the media proves: GO is new and unique. Not just another boring variation of some out-dated product, but a revolutionary idea that the world has not seen before.

Amongst the many that have already felt the unique vibes of GO are Paris Hilton, Pierce Brosnan, Dannii Minogue, Eva Herzigova, Jerry Hall and David Coulthard.

The media and consumers have recognized: GO has initiated an unstoppable trend that will transform the culture of drinking.
Owner and managing director Gustav Wenger: “Wenger Corporation offers two unique high-quality products – Wenger’s Mustard and GO Tube Drinks – that form the basis of the company’s success. Feedback from consumers and media proves that we are on the right track. Accordingly we are expecting drastic increases in sales in the forthcoming years."

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