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17/07-07   -   Press releases

50 iPhone users wanted to improve email service, an email service provider, today announced a program to develop an iPhone-optimized email service. With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone, a new class of mobile communication device has arrived. It’s form factor and user interface is signnificantly different to the Palm Treo and Windows Mobile operating system based devices. The iPhone also has a fully featured email client that works with IMAP, the advanced email protocol that lets users have a single-view of their email across multiple devices and push-email features like RIM’s Blackberry system.

Apple’s iPhone is being offered with Yahoo’s free email service with an IMAP capability. However, early user feedback are that these accounts is only activated for IMAP access when connected to the iPhone. If the user is using another device such as their desktop computer, they cannot access the Yahoo-iPhone email account via IMAP. This obviously removes one of the major benefits of IMAP. A second major problem with the iPhone is its email client does not have any spam blocking or filtering capability.

AlienCamel’s "clean email" service provides full IMAP capability and has server-based spam filtering that keeps all spam on the server eliminating the need for the user to download spam. This capability is extremely useful for handheld devices connected to low-bandwith services like mobile phone networks.

However, the iPhone’s innovative user interface allows us to improve our award-winning push-email service:

"Our email service already works great with Apple’s iPhone, allowing users to have a sychronized view of their emails on their iPhone and their desktop computer using the IMAP protocol. And our server-based spam-blocking technology also allows users to save time because all spam is kept on the server removing the need to download them onto the iPhone, but we want to make it even better. So we’re looking for 50 iPhone users to give us some feedback. In return, they will receive a year’s subscription to our service for free - an $80 value." said Sydney Low, AlienCamel’s founder.

Interested iPhone users can find out more information and apply on


Alien Camel Pty Ltd is a specialist email service provider founded in 2003. Based in Melbourne, Australia, its email service uses Bayesian statistics and proprietary patented technology to pre-screen emails from senders unknown to the recipient, keeping spam and viruses on the email server.

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