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01/08-07   -   Press releases

On Health Journal Television: Talk Show Host General Norman Schwarzkopf Discusses ICW’s Vision to Transform Healthcare Delivery

General Norman Schwarzkopf, host of Health Journal Television on CNBC, discussed on July 29 InterComponentWare’s (ICW) vision of a personal health record (PHR) as the driver that will transform healthcare delivery in the United States. ICW is a leading international eHealth provider and its mission is to establish a patient-owned, Web-based personal health record that will allow patients and healthcare providers instant access to their medical records.

Peter Reuschel, ICW’s global chief executive officer, emphasized that while there are multiple players in the healthcare arena, ICW puts “the patient in the center and the patients should get access to their data." By owning their health information, patients can take active measures in their health and wellness and influence the outcome of their treatments.

In August, the company is launching the latest US version of its Web-based LifeSensor PHR. The new LifeSensor version will have comprehensive functionality allowing patients to exchange and manage their health data with their providers. The company is also introducing LifeSensor Diabetes, which is an additional package to the LifeSensor PHR. This is one of several chronic disease management and health and wellness solutions that will be released in future versions.

In the Health Journal Television program, Reuschel pointed out that “a PHR alone doesn’t make much sense," and he added: “It’s really about the integration of a PHR with other information systems which are already in place." ICW continues to develop its integration solution, ProfessionalGate, which pushes health data from physician-office, hospital, and clinic systems as well as from health plans directly into the PHR. The company has clients in Europe, including Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany, utilizing ICW’s health information platform to overcome the hurdles of information standardization with which healthcare organizations are struggling.
Schwarzkopf’s discussion also included a field report with Dr. Charles Eaton M.D. M.S., Director of Brown University’s Center for Primary Care and Prevention at the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, and David K. Ahern, Ph.D., Senior Scientist of the Abacus Group, who are spearheading a new project with ICW to create a “virtual medical home." Ahern maintained that “the 21st century healthcare system needs to be patient-centered, evidence-based, cost effective and provide quality." The Center’s vision is to connect the LifeSensor PHR with the Center’s electronic medical record, creating a physician-patient communications link so that patients can take control of the quality of care they receive.

View the broadcast on ICW’s vision to transform healthcare delivery at or at ICW’s US website

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