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07/12-07   -   Press releases

The esoteric is back in force – Questico recommends esoteric books

The bestseller “The Oracle ot the Moon" is recommended by Questico`s advicors

Questico’s astrologers highly recommend “The Oracle of the Moon“ by the best-selling author Frédéric Lenoir. This novel combines an opulent historical biography set in the Renaissance with mystical questions of faith, oracles and astrology.

What is the meaning of our life? What part do religion and faith, oracles and astrology, destiny and the stars really play in our modern civilisation? The novel’s protagonist exploration of the answers to these questions takes him from Venetian palaces to the monasteries of Mount Athos, from the gardens of Algiers to the narrow lanes of Jerusalem: “The Oracle of the Moon" is an opulent historical novel set in the Renaissance. It tells of dramatic events in the eventful life story of Giovanni Tratore, who left home to discover the world, love and knowledgeÂ….the reader is invited to accompany him, to learn about Venice, the Kabbalah, the Dutch philosopher Erasmus, Luther, astrology and horoscopes, and lots more.

Not just a textbook case: guidance from Questico’s specialists in astrology and oracles

Those questions which we are unable to answer using conventional methods of conservative mathematics or physics require other approaches to looking and thinking. For this reason Questico oracle and astrology advisors at recommend reading this exciting book.

At the Questico portal for esoteric life advice we are concerned with giving guidance through esotericism, horoscopes and astrology in a caring, competent way at
If the book alone is not enough and you would also like to sample advice through an oracle, a horoscope or an astrology reading, go to our website at, choose an advisor from the list and call for free advice. The first call is free of charge, please visit

In particular given our modern way of life, an oracle can be a valuable tool for answers to questions concerning money, love, health and career. It is a priority for every oracle specialist at Questico on that their advice is offered in a serious, trustworthy, caring and understanding way. All of our staff is discreet and competent in their interpretation of personal oracles.
The Esoteric is back in Force: Life advice at Questico UK
Long experience and worldly wisdom are just as much in demand as an affinity with the esoteric online at And this trend is growing; especially among the literary heavyweights.

Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, about which Lenoir has just written a book (« Code Da Vinci: l’Enquête »), has sold a million copies. The dazzling success of his book – like the growing interest in the Kabbalah, astrology and numerology, as well as the public’s fascination with Masonry and secret societies – has brought to light a huge infatuation with the esoteric. Lenoir: “We could therefore see the return (or rather the permanence) of the esoteric in modern society as a worrisome sign of the need for magic and the irrational. We can also see it as an attempt by modern Westerners to rebalance their imaginative and rational functions, and the logical and intuitive polarities in the brain." Frédéric Lenoir is a writer, philosopher and specialist in religions. He is the editor-in-chief of Le Monde des Réligions and the author of numerous best-selling non-fiction books. He worked on The Oracle of the Moon for 15 years. He lives in Paris and speaks English.
On Questico:

Questico GB Ltd is the leading UK address for advice through astrology, horoscope, tarot and other card readings. The leading esoteric portal features advisors on issues about life, love, career and luck; they are available for guidance around the clock.

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