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14/12-07   -   Press releases

Lumie lights up the MET

Lumie, the Cambridge-based light therapy experts, have provided the Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard with light boxes to trial, to boost staff wellbeing and alleviate symptoms of winter blues and circadian rhythm disorders.

Our bodyclocks are easily disrupted by working hours which involve getting up when it’s still dark or working late at night. Low light levels compound this - even the brightest office will only provide a light level of about 500lux, compared to the recommended 10,000lux, such as that on a spring morning. A misaligned bodyclock can result in low mood and energy, decreased alertness and productivity, and a depleted immune system. Research has demonstrated that light therapy provided by light boxes is effective at alleviating these symptoms. By stimulating the ´pacemaker´ cells in the brain with bright light, our natural circadian rhythms are controlled. Light at dawn is the signal to the body that it is time to wake, but on days where there is little light, our bodies are not given the correct stimulus to function effectively. Light boxes can help provide this stimulus.

In conjunction with the Occupational Health Department, Lumie provided the MET with Pharos MAX light boxes, the brightest and the biggest lights for optimum treatment. Lumie Brightspark and Desklamp are currently being used by staff at their desks to provide an extra boost of light and energy when they need it most.

The lights, which are currently used at two locations within the MET, have according to employees "definitely increased productivity, focus and energy throughout the day". They have been noted to be "an excellent and innovative idea".

So far the light boxes are working incredibly well, and Lumie has seen a rise in the numbers ordered by police units, as well as from individuals in the police force who have experienced the benefits of the light at work.

Lumie light boxes retail from £115 at stockists nationwide, including John Lewis (selected items) and Boots (selected items), and online at Stockist number 01954 780 500.

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