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10/01-08   -   Press releases

Opus Liberum, your right to publish

Opus Liberum is a flexible and risk-free publishing channel for everyone wishing to publish a book. Were it memoirs, a genealogy, a research report or other texts, Opus Liberum will turn it into a high quality publication by using the material provided by the customer.

Opus Liberum is not a publisher. The publication rights and the responsibilities will rest with the author of the book or with the publishing company.

Opus Liberum serves its customers in Finnish, Sweden, English, German, Estonian and Russian. There are no restrictions as to the language of the publication, therefore Opus Liberum offers an excellent opportunity for publishing texts in smaller language groups.

Skills of an experienced printing shop

Opus Liberum is an environment that was created and is being developed further by Oy Nord Print Ab. Nord Print has long-term experience in printing books, it has partnership agreements with many publishing houses and is a highly valued publisher of doctoral theses.

Opus Liberum uses a digital printing technique that makes production very efficient and flexible. It is quite easy to calculate a reasonable amount of copies and thus a customer does not have to spend resources on the storage of books, as it is possible to order even a small quantity of additional copies very cost-efficiently. The minimum quantity of a batch is 25 copies, and there is no maximum limit.

The publisher has the right to design his or her book and lay out the pages as the occasion requires. Opus Liberum will be there to help customers in planning and making the best choices. Books will be bound and can have hard covers on request.

Internet bookstore is open 24/7

Opus Liberum operates as an Internet bookstore of the writings of the authors who have published their works here as well. It is possible to order publications via mail orders, the bookstore is always open and accessible from all over the world. The books that are available via Opus Liberum are advertised in their original language on the website of the bookstore.

When the book is ready, the author can distribute it himself or herself, or market it in the Opus Liberum bookstore. The income from the books sold in the Internet bookstore will be transferred to their authors. Individuals or companies that distribute their books themselves can conveniently order posters, brochures and other promotional publications via Opus Liberum.

The list of currently available books as well as the principles of publishing via Opus Liberum can be found on the website You can start turning your manuscript into a book by filling in the contact enquiry form on the website.

Opus Liberum – anyone has the right to publish a book.
Further information is available from:
Janne Nyström, phone +358 20 710 9691
Mika J. Saloranta, phone +358 20 710 9692
Dick Henriksson, phone +358 20 710 9695

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