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04/02-08   -   Press releases

The Emerald Table: the Italian Fantasy novel to the conquest of the world

Sergio Marchi, Italian author of the novel “The Emerald Table", is launching today his Fantasy book dedicated to the young people. After the great success from readers and critics in Italy and in Greece, the book will be now available in its English version in the main on-line bookstores.

04/02/08, Milan – At last “The Emerald Table", the Fantasy story which has conquered the heart of so many Italian young readers is available in the main on-line bookstores.

The book, which has achieved a terrific success in Italy and in Greece and which has been defined by journalists “the Italian answer to Harry Potter", is a historical fantasy novel balancing between alchemy and faith. Essentially addressed to the young boys and girls aged 11 to 14, it interlaces history and fantasy in a highly involving and passionate way, taking Borromeo Castle and the surroundings of Milan as its setting reference.

“The events I’ve chosen to talk about in the long plot have got precise historical references" states Sergio Marchi, the author of the novel. “Actually this work of research has contributed to feed the young readers’ fantasy and curiosity, since they can physically visit the medieval places where the story is set".

The Emerald Table will be available soon in the main on-line bookstores, such as and Barnes & Nobles. For further information, you can visit the Author´s blog

About the book: The Emerald Table is a Fantasy novel written by Sergio Marchi and published in Italy and Greece. The book has proved to be highly successful among readers and critics, as evidenced by the numerous reviews appeared in Italy on national newspapers.

About the Author: Sergio Marchi is the writer of numerous books and publications addressed to the young people. He published books in Italy and Greece with well-known publishers and in English-speaking countries through the on-line publisher

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