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02/06-08   -   Press releases

To scrub or not to scrub?

Now is exactly the best time of the year to enjoy fresh vegetables and now your can easily clean them as most Danes do in a new, smart and fun way using a set of “scrubbing gloves".

The gloves are exactly right to hold, scrub and clean loose skin and dirt of potatoes, carrots and almost any other type of vegetable. No more ugly cleaning sponges, staining vegetable brushes or spacious kitchen appliances.

The unique rough fabric of the gloves is efficient yet gentle and preserves the important nutrients values in the skin. Scrubbing instead of peeling will retain 50 % more vitamins and minerals and if you enjoy organic foods even more reason not to peel. Pass on the good habits to your kids because the gloves come in sizes for them too, and above all it is safe, healthy and fun!


The potato glove

The most popular Skruba glove to date is the "potato glove" now being sold in more than 20 countries. The dark brown design and superb scrubbing ability has made this a customer favourite. The glove works equally great when cleaning carrots, beet roots, gourds and other vegetables. The glove has a worldwide patent pending PCT/IB2006/053845.


The gloves are offered in a “one size fits all" fitting both women and men.
In 2007 Skruba launched the potato glove for Kids aged approx. 4-12 years. Feedback from customers shows that kids have a lot of fun while scrubbing potatoes, and love to be a useful part of the daily cooking.

Cleaning the gloves

Simply turn on the tap water keep the hands under the faucet. For a more thorough rinse, use the dishwasher or a washing machine.

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