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03/04-08   -   Press releases

The Jewellery Channel exclusively offers fascinating gold jewellery

Experience the fascination of the art of goldsmithing exclusively with the Iliana collection from The Jewellery Channel

Captive factories, own jewellery designer – The Jewellery Channel’s goldsmiths produce fascinating gold jewellery.

Gold is one of the most well known and most desired precious metal in the world. Already in ancient times the people used to adorn themselves with pieces of gold jewellery. Nowadays the fine art of jewellerycannot be imagined without gold. Since gold is easy to handle it has become an attractive basic material for goldsmiths. Thus gold jewellery is one of the most desired preciousness The Jewellery Channel offers, mostly in combination with high-class gemstones like diamonds or rubys.

Quality does not need to be expensive.

Since The Jewellery Channel sources its goods directly from the mines and works them in its captive factories, it spares the expensive intermediary. Therefore The Jewellery Channel can offer top-quality gold jewellery at an affordable price.

The art of goldsmithing

The art of goldsmithing is quite elaborate and one of the oldest handcrafts. It has its roots already in 3000 before Christ and is still carried out nowadays.
At the beginning of the creation of precious jewellery stands the design. The design sets the point for the production of the single components which are later on soldered together. Adorned with preciousgemstoneseach masterpiece once more has to undergo the final check. Therewith the Jewellery Channel can guarantee highest quality of its gold jewellery.

Iliana - unique designer jewellery

With itsIliana – Collectionthe british Home shopping channel exclusively offers premium designer gold jewellery. Iliana is handcrafted and can only be purchased from The Jewellery Channel. The Iliana collection shows gold chains, either as an anklet, bracelet or belly chain or gold rings. The gold rings from the Iliana collection can be worn both from men and women.
As a special service The Jewellery Channel offers todetermine the ring sizewith the online-ring size guide.

Buying jewellery quite simply

Buying jewellery at The Jewellery Channel is very easy. The customer can follow the auctions life on TV and on the internet and choose his or her favourite items. The Jewellery Channel is even able to sell its jewellery in falling price auction style. With The Jewellery Channel jewellery enthusiasts are able to purchase high-class jewellery at the lowest price possible.

More information on gold jewellery or the latest jewellery-trends can be found on .

The Jewellery Channel Limited
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Phone: 0844-412-2222

About The Jewellery Channel:
The Jewellery Channel is based in Middlesex, England. With a whole new way of shopping for jewellery they offer hundreds of pieces of fine jewellery every day – at a price the customer decides. Twelve Years in mining, stone cutting and designing of jewellery combines an unique approach of art technology and traditional workmanship. The Jewellery Channel broadcasts live on Sky Channel 640, Freeview Channel 44, Five US (Freeview 35, Virgin 185) 9am-12noon everyday or via Live-Stream at

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The Jewellery Channel Limited
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