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10/04-08   -   Press releases

The Jewellery Channel sets trends – with Jewellery for Him

The Jewellery Channel exclusively offers trendy and stylish jewellery for the fashionalbe Him

Jewellery for Him is coming into vogue – but caution is adviced when it comes to the right choice of the jewellery. Therefore The Jewellery Channel exclusively offers precious and elegant jewellery for trendsetting males

Jewellery always stands in contrast to its time. The way of wearing jewellery has steadily changed. In former times wearing jewellery used to be a privilege of kings and noblemen and symbolised their power. In the 20th century mens jewellery was worn by only a few men. In these days watches became a real classic for mens wristwear.
It is only now that mens jewellery is becoming more and more popular.
The choice of material for mens jewellery is wide. Mostly commodities like gold, silver, stainless steel or titanium are used. Also gemstones, like in rings, are more and more appreciated by men.

Fashionalbe Him

For men, jewellery needs to be big and masculine, like a big necklace which is still the most popular piece of mens jewellery. Adorned with a symbol pendant, the necklace has become a real classic not only for ethnically inspired men using the necklace as a talisman.

Also rings have become a constant accompanist for men. Sometimes big, broad and massive. Most rings for Him are adorned with engravings or even diamonds like the ones The Jewellery Channel offers: first-class silver rings with sparkling and precious diamonds.

An important piece of mens jewellery are also earrings. At the latest when David Beckham admitted to earrings, especially the ones adorned with diamonds, he caused a revival of earrings.

Mens jewellery in business

Mens passion for jewellery also finds its place in business. A well-groomed appearance is essential for our everyday life. In working life often the appearance decides on success or failure. Therefore it is necessary to go for tastefully and elegant accessories. Besides a watch, the cuff links from The Jewellery Channel polish its wearers appearance. Those elegant silver cuff links are adorned with precious gemstones and make a real eye-catcher.

The Jewellery Channel garantuees high quality of its jewellery and can pass considerable cost savings on to its customers.

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About The Jewellery Channel:
The Jewellery Channel is based in Middlesex, England. With a whole new way of shopping for jewellery they offer hundreds of pieces of fine jewellery every day – at a price the customer decides. Twelve Years in mining, stone cutting and designing of jewellery combines an unique approach of art technology and traditional workmanship. The Jewellery Channel broadcasts live on Sky Channel 640, Freeview Channel 44, Five US (Freeview 35, Virgin 185) 9am-12noon everyday or via Live-Stream at

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