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14/04-08   -   Press releases

The Emerald Table is arriving on and in the main bookshops all over the world

The Emerald Table, the fantasy novel written by Sergio Marchi, which has been able to conquer the Italian readers’ hearts, is today arriving on and in the main American on-line bookshops.

After the success obtained on the Italian and Greek markets, it is the time of Anglo-Saxon success. In fact The Emerald Table – the Fantasy novel by Sergio Marchi dedicated to the young people – is now available on and in the main bookshops all over the world.

It is fundamentally a new interpretation of the genre from a revolutionary and new point of view, built on the concept of “edutainment". While reading the plot, the reader is projected inside the fantasy universe of magic, in search of the legendary emerald table. A device which will be able to open the young people’s minds, allowing them to realize in a quite natural and nice way that magic is actually inside them all.

“In a more and more complex society, I intended to forward a message of courage to the young people" stated Sergio Marchi, the author of the book, “Because, compared to the magic and illusions of the global village, the really new thing is that we can begin believing in our skills and capacities again."

The Emerald Table is available since today in the best on-line bookshops such as and Barnes & Nobles.

About the book:
The Emerald Table is a Fantasy novel written by Sergio Marchi and published in Italy and Greece. The book has proved to be highly successful among readers and critics, as evidenced by the numerous reviews appeared in Italy on national newspapers.

About the Author:
Sergio Marchi is the writer of numerous books and publications addressed to the young people. He published books in Italy and Greece with well-known publishers and in English-speaking countries through the on-line publisher

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