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21/04-08   -   Press releases

New Joint Initiative from Björn Steiger and LifeSensor Improves Emergency Care

Free cell phone tracking in an emergency now with emergency record

Every second counts in case of an emergency. For this reason, from now on the LifeSensor emergency record is available together with the Björn Steiger Foundation (BSS) “LifeService 112“ cell phone tracking system. Now, rescue workers can not only locate people who need medical assistance via cell phone, but can also already access important data on the way to their patient, such as on a patient’s medical history or his contact person.

The Björn Steiger Foundation implemented “LifeService 112" in 2006 to quickly locate a caller via cell phone in case of an emergency. The LifeSensor emergency record ensures prompt and improved medical care for the patient.
In case of an emergency, every minute counts for the patient´s survival or for whether he incurs further complications. ICW board member, Dr. Med. Frank Warda, states, “rescue workers on-site can give immediate, targeted, and safe treatment if important emergency data on the patient has been transferred to the paramedics beforehand". Warda names medical history, medications, allergies or previous operations as examples of important emergency data. Furthermore, individual comments can be added to the LifeSensor emergency record such as the existence of an advance directive, an organ donor card, or information on x-rays. It is also possible to appoint a contact person who should be immediately informed in case of an emergency.

Dr. Med. Stefan Gromer, emergency physician and president of the German Institute for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, explains how important time and information factors are for rescue workers. “Every second counts in case of an emergency." Injured people are often in a state of shock and are not able to inform the paramedics about their state of health. “For safe health care it is especially important to know if the patient suffers from allergies or which medication she or he takes", Gromer adds.

Those who register their cell phone number at the BSS (Björn Steiger Foundation) can now enter this medical data, all-important in an emergency, into an emergency record. This emergency record will be displayed at the control center as soon as an emergency call is received via 112.

You can register for LifeService 112 and the LifeSensor emergency record via internet or by phoning 11 8 99 (1.49 euros per call, every additional minute 1.29 euros from a German landline, cell phone rates may vary)
“40,000 cases of cell phone locating have already been carried out since the implementation of the system and about 620,000 people have registered for “LifeService 112", but this is not enough", states Pierre-Enric Steiger, CEO of the Björn Steiger Foundation. In his view, “this service must become just as well known as the 110/112 emergency services".

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