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14/05-08   -   Press releases

Precious jewellery from The Jewellery Channel

The Jewellery Channel presents its multifarious and wide range of bracelets

Once used as shield by hunters and warriors or to express might and strength, bracelets are nowadays used as adornment for wrists.

Jewellery is worn since the beginning of mankind. Also the wearing of bracelets is already documented from the Old Stone Age.
The growing preciousness of the materials that were used, made jewellery more and more an object of value. At times, jewellery had even been used as means of payment. Furthermore, bracelets were used as protection for hunters and warriors in fights; for Celtic people, bracelets where also a concept of might and power.

A wide range of jewellery to choose from

With bracelet jewellery from The Jewellery Channel, customers are spoilt for choice – wristband, bangle or wristwatch – The Jewellery Channel has an exquisite range of wonderful wrist jewellery.

The wristband – an absolute eye-catcher

The wristband is one of the oldest jewellery pieces and was worn already thousands of years ago by our ancestors. Wristbands from The Jewellery Channel are made of different materials like gold, silver or even pearls. No matter if plain or pompous, adorned with rings or small panes, the bracelets from The Jewellery Channel are a real eye candy.

For Him and for Her – bangles

Also the bangle from The Jewellery Channel is available in different varieties. It is furthermore for both, men and women, a wonderful accessory. Bangles are a timeless piece of jewellery made of gold, titanium or silver. In combination with the latest fashion, a bangle can be worn in every season. Special eye-catchers are adornments like gemstones or gravure which make it a very special, individual and personal present.

Not only functionally worth – the wrist watch

A very popular adornment for wrists is the wrist watch from The Jewellery Channel. Besides its functional worth, the wrist watch also adorns its wearer’s wrist. The range of wrist watches from The Jewellery Channel is almost unmanageable but The Jewellery Channel’s watch shop offers the most exclusive and the most beautiful watches. Not only the clock face is an important criteria when buying a watch, but also the watch stap is important when choosing the right watch. The Jewellery Channel can satisfy any taste – no matter if it is synthetic, leather, gold or silver.

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About The Jewellery Channel:
The Jewellery Channel is based in Middlesex, England. With a whole new way of shopping for jewellery they offer hundreds of pieces of fine jewellery every day – at a price the customer decides. Twelve Years in mining, stone cutting and designing of jewellery combines an unique approach of art technology and traditional workmanship. The Jewellery Channel broadcasts live on Sky Channel 640, Freeview Channel 44, Five US (Freeview 35, Virgin 185) 9am-12noon everyday or via Live-Stream at

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