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23/07-08   -   Press releases

The emerald table: The first high social responsibility fantasy book

Exploiting the great success of the fantasy genre to help the youth to think over the life value – this is the secret of an Italian author who is having a terrific success in the web by word of mouth.

How can we help the new generations to overcome the awkward moments of their growing up, concurrently reminding them the resources they are already carrying inside? Through a fantasy book, rich in mystery and adventures! This is the answer by Sergio Marchi, the Italian writer who has decided to put his creativeness at disposal of young forming minds.

The new generations are incredibly attracted towards stories full of secrets, legends, mysteries and objects with magical powers. The true newness is the possibility to exploit this natural taste so to spread positive life values. The search of the Emerald Table told in this book is born with this target: not only does it want to enjoy the readers but it is also aimed to disclose the enormous possibilities that life offers them.

“Helping the new generations to create their future positively just telling them which way they should chose is not enough" stated Sergio Marchi, the author of the book. “We must speak their language and enter in contact with their way to see our adult world. I think that the great merit of the Emerald Table is to have been able to succeed in this."

A reading for adolescents and people of any age, which will not fail to enjoy and astonish the reader, offering concurrently many cues of reflection.

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About the book:
The Emerald Table is a Fantasy novel written by Sergio Marchi and published in Italy and Greece. The book has proved to be highly successful among readers and critics, as evidenced by the numerous reviews appeared in Italy on national newspapers.

About the Author:
Sergio Marchi is the writer of numerous books and publications addressed to the young people. He published books in Italy and Greece with well-known publishers and in English-speaking countries through the on-line publisher

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