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11/08-08   -   Press releases

Three good reasons to read the Emerald Table

Sergio Marchi, the author of The Emerald Table, explains the reasons for the great diffusion of his fantasy book.

A winning Fantasy book, rich in action, adventure and suspense, but also able to catch the attention of the blog-sphere and on-line readers.

The Emerald Table is an excellent mixture of all elements which have made the fantasy sector so popular all over the world. For the most curious readers, here are three good reasons for which they should buy and read the book during the Summer break.

First: the book is able to plunge the reader into a fascinating and involving atmosphere because it starts from really existing places and really happened historical events. An example is the castle of Peschiera Borromeo, which is in Italy and was inhabited by the noble family of Borromeos in the XVI century.

Second: the object which gives the title to the book is one of the greatest mysteries in the man’s history. It’s a mysterious alchemic object which has apparently existed: a plate made of some green material, which the legend says is a fragment of the emerald lost by Lucifer when he was expulsed from Paradise and fell down on the Earth (the remaining part is said to have been used to forge the Saint Grail). The Emerald Table was found again, according to the legend, by one of the soldiers of Alexander the Great in a thumb at Ebron, in the hands of the mummy of Hermes Trismegistus, defined as “all alchemists’ father".

The third reason goes far beyond the book contents. Bernardo Massalia, the protagonist of the story discovers - in the progression of his adventures - that any problem can be solved and any obstacle can be overcome just using the strength that each of us has got inside, even if many times we do not realize its presence. As Bernardo demonstrates, no magic or drugs are necessary even in the everyday life.

Thanks to the skilfully-built plot, intermingling really happened historical events and still unveiled medieval mysteries, The Emerald Table is a Fantasy book granting hours of real enjoyment even to the most demanding reader of any age.

The Emerald Table is available in the main online bookstores, like and B&N. For further information, you can visit the following address

About the book
The Emerald Table is a Fantasy novel written by Sergio Marchi and published in Italy and Greece. The book has proved to be highly successful among readers and critics, as evidenced by the numerous reviews appeared in Italy on national newspapers.

About the Author
Sergio Marchi is the writer of numerous books and publications addressed to the young people. He published books in Italy and Greece with well-known publishers and in English-speaking countries through the on-line publisher

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