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16/09-08   -   Press releases

Professional Photographers Photo Software Enhancements

MomaPIX ( - The online archive management and sales service for professional photographers and photo agencies - have released a new edition of its software utilising the latest Web2.0 technologies and it is now available throughout the global market.

The new release greatly advances MomaPIX´s usability and simplicity and introduces many new features such as an activity log, batch upload of images via ftp and automatic photo distribution using ftp/http.

MomaSoft ( , the Italian company that produces MomaPIX, states that its services is distinguished from other online archives by its focus on the needs of professional photo agencies and freelancers. The service is tailored to meet the needs of each individual user by providing a dedicated suite of services instead of the usual "one size fits all" shared packaged solutions. The MomaPIX ( service has evolved over many years and is based on co-operation with photo professionals through a continuous process of feedback and improvement.
MomaSoft´s intention is to continue to utilize their winning formula of mixing superior technological competencies with personalised collaboration with its customers, which has been the basis of its strong reputation in the past. Using to this formula MomaPIX will continue to provide a simple user-friendly product but complete with all the features and technologies essential to efficiently manage, promote and sell a professional digital photo archive.

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