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29/09-08   -   Press releases

Men also wear corsets

Now men of all sizes can look smarter with corsets from is a new online shop which deals exclusively with corsets for men. The corsets are made for men who want to accentuate their masculine bodies but need a little extra help,
or who want to look smarter when on show in front of other people.

All the corsets are made of Nylon and Spandex, which make them light and extremely comfortable to wear. They are invisible when wearing a shirt, and are close-fitting and sit well on the body.
The corsets are made so that they follow your movements and support your lower back and spine.

In the old days, the original purpose of wearing corsets was to spread weight or to slim, especially for women after giving birth. This could be achieved using a tight band within the space of a few months. However, when a slender waist was in fashion, even slim young ladies wore them frequently.

Since the upper classes bought fine, close-fitting, tailor-made clothes, they needed to maintain their figure, because new clothes were expensive, even for the richest people, so they therefore had to wear corsets. However, corsets also made it possible to make clothes fit more precisely than on a naturally soft body.

“The same thing actually applies today: spreading weight and looking slim," says Jan Klarskov of “Today, many of us have put on a little extra weight, and men in particular find it hard to hide, since we do not wear dresses or skirts," he says. Our corsets for men also have the advantage, in comparison with the old days, that they support the spine and lower back, which gives an unbelievably good feeling," Jan Klarskov concludes.

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