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01/10-08   -   Press releases

Poland is a Magnet for Cars from Western Europe

As sales of used car markets in Western Europe suffer a downturn, Polish car dealers will import 1.2 million used passenger cars this year. Now, the Autorola Group has opened a subsidiary in Poland.

Crisis in the European car market? Not in Poland! Here, the sales of new passenger cars has risen 9% since the beginning of 2008 compared to the same eight months in 2007. It is likely that more than 350.000 new passenger cars and 1.6 million used passenger cars will be sold this year, and that 1.2 million of these used cars will be imported.
This is a perfect opportunity for the Autorola Group, one of Europe’s leading online car auction companies, to open a subsidiary in Warsaw, Poland. Western Europe is flooded with used cars and Autorola Poland is now ready to move those cars into Poland. The new Polish subsidiary is managed by Wojciech Fidura, with extensive experience in the motor trade in Poland. He was previously a member of the management board of Rent UP Ltd in Poland.

Wojciech foresees a bright future for and he says:
“The Polish car market has been booming for years now. 280.000 new cars and 995.000 used cars were sold in Poland in 2007, and the figure is still growing. People are better-off than ever, and they now want to upgrade their cars to drive a later model."
“That means a lively aftermarket, and that is where Autorola can enter the market". Wojciech is eager to show the Polish car sellers how easy, fast and cost effective they can sell their cars on the Autorola platform.
“Firstly, we will try to gain the major leasing companies as customers. They will get major benefits from our online car auctions. Thousands of dealers from all over Poland will be able bid for their cars, and the prices will for that reason always reflect the genuine market prices"

To persuade the dealers to make use of the online car auction will be the next goal and he continues:
“The big advantage for the dealer is: You can buy cars in Poland, Germany, France, and Spain – all over Europe. You are sure not to loose your money, and we will provide the transportation".
The next step will be to present the auction to the private Polish car owner. But as Internet penetration in Poland grows, there is no doubt online car auctions is the future.

The Autorola Group now has online car auction in 15 countries worldwide: In Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Australia and Poland. Further subsidiaries are planned for the future.


Contact persons regarding this press release: CEO Peter Grøftehauge, +45 20 62 14 07
Country Manager Wojciech Fidura, +48 601 22 55 62

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