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14/10-08   -   Press releases

What about celebrating Halloween in a different way? A new fantasy is arriving from Italy for you.

The usual Halloween celebrations are going to start once more. The novelty of this year is a fantasy books from Italy which will catapult you into the Medieval mysteries of the Emerald Table.

The usual Halloween celebrations, rich in tricks, disguises, and the traditional sweets, dedicated to children, are approaching this year, too. No better occasion exists, then, to introduce the youth – besides the traditional delicacies – to an involving fantasy reading full of suspense.

The Emerald Table is a fantasy tale dedicated to the youth (but amusing and fascinating also for grown-ups) containing all the ingredients of legend and mystery that characterize and form part of particular times of the year like Halloween.

But in times of economical crisis like the ones America is presently facing, the advantage of this publication is the presence of a serious educational purpose, able to make the youth understand how the actual magic goes farther than ghost stories and puzzling mysteries, since it resides inside the strength of everybody’s personality.

“Promoting the Emerald Table in such a period of the year is an unlosable occasion to make lives of people lighter in a difficult historical time, giving them some hours of amusement and relaxation and plunging them into a world completely different from their own world, but transmitting them, in the meanwhile, a message of hope and encouragement", states Sergio Marchi, the author of the book

Halloween appears, therefore, as an excellent occasion to add something to your Halloween memories of traditional sweets: a reading able to leave a sign in the memory of your best celebrations.

For further information, you can visit the following address

About the book: The Emerald Table is a Fantasy novel written by Sergio Marchi and published in Italy and Greece. The book has proved to be highly successful among readers and critics, as evidenced by the numerous reviews appeared in Italy on national newspapers.

About the Author:
Sergio Marchi is the writer of numerous books and publications addressed to the young people. He published books in Italy and Greece with well-known publishers and in English-speaking countries through the on-line publisher

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